ExampleClass class

A class.

public class ExampleClass : IExampleContravariantInterface<ExampleClass>, 

Public Members

name description
ExampleClass() A no-arg constructor.
ExampleClass(…) A one-arg constructor.
static Instance { get; } A static lifetime property.
static readonly Default A static lifetime field.
static Create() A static lifetime method.
static Create(…) Another static lifetime method.
Id { get; } A read-only property.
Weight { get; set; } A read-write property with a much-longer than expected summary to see if there is any word wrapping in the member name.
IsBadIdea A public field.
event WeightChanged An event.
DefaultParameters<T>(…) A method with default parameters.
EditValue(…) A method that edits a value.
EditValue<T>(…) A method that edits a value.
EightTuple() A method with a long tuple.
HasHyperlinks() A method whose docs have hyperlinks.
HasParams(…) A method with parameters.
virtual Jump() A virtual method.
LongMethodNameWithTemplateParametersAndMethodParameters<T>(…) A method with a really long name.
NestedTuple(…) A method with a nested tuple.
NullableReferences<T>(…) A method with nullable references.
Overloaded() An overloaded method.
Overloaded(…) An overloaded method. (2 methods)
Overloaded<T>() An overloaded method.
Overloaded<T>(…) An overloaded method. (2 methods)
Overloaded<T,U>(…) An overloaded method.
ParameterReference(…) A method whose summary references value.
TryGetValue(…) A method that tries to get a value.
TryGetValue<T>(…) A method that tries to get a value.
Tuples(…) A method with tuples.
TypeParameterReference<T>(…) A method whose summary references T.
UnbrowsableMethod() An unbrowsable method.
UsesCallerInfo(…) A method that uses caller info.
static MaxWeight { get; set; } A static read-write property.
static MinWeight { get; } A static read-only property.
const BlankId A constant field.
static readonly DefaultWeight A static read-only field.
static GlobalVariable A static field.
static event MaxWeightChanged A static event.
static JumpAll() A boring static method. It has a really long summary because things get interesting when table cells have to wrap. Also, we should probably cut the summary off at some point, since some documenters tend to put way more in the summary than would generally be expected.

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