ExampleAssembly assembly

ExampleAssembly namespace

public type description
abstract class ExampleAbstractClass An abstract class.
class ExampleAttribute An attribute.
class ExampleClass A class.
class ExampleDeepClass A class with nested types.
delegate ExampleDelegate A delegate.
class ExampleDerivedClass A class that derives from ExampleClass.
enum ExampleEnum An enumeration.
class ExampleException An example exception.
[Flags] enum ExampleFlagsEnum A flags enumeration.
class ExampleGenericClass<T> A generic class.
delegate ExampleGenericDelegate<T1,T2,TResult> A generic delegate.
enum ExampleLongEnum A 64-bit enumeration.
class ExampleLongSummary This class has an exceptionally long summary. Even the first paragraph is really long, which is important to test because some documenters put a lot of information in the summary, perhaps not expecting that someone will ever actually generate documentation.
record ExampleRecord<T> A C# 9 generic record.
delegate ExampleRefOutDelegate A delegate.
class ExampleSealedClass A sealed class.
record ExampleSealedRecord A sealed C# 9 record.
static class ExampleStaticClass A static class.
struct ExampleStruct A structure.
class ExampleTriGenericClass<TOne,TTwo,TThree> A generic class with three generic type parameters.
struct ExampleTuple<T1> A 1-tuple.
struct ExampleTuple<T1,T2> A 2-tuple.
struct ExampleTuple<T1,T2,T3> A 3-tuple.
struct ExampleTuple<T1,T2,T3,T4> A 4-tuple.
static class ExampleTuple A helper class for tuples.
class ExampleUnbrowsableClass An unbrowsable class.
interface IExampleContravariantInterface<T> An interface with contravariant generic parameters.
interface IExampleCovariantInterface<T> An interface with covariant generic parameters.
interface IExampleDerivedInterface A derived interface.
interface IExampleInterface An interface.

ExampleAssembly.InnerNamespace namespace

public type description
class ExampleInnerClass A class in an inner namespace.