XmlDocMarkdownSettings class

Settings for markdown generation.

public class XmlDocMarkdownSettings

Public Members

name description
XmlDocMarkdownSettings() The default constructor.
ExternalDocs { get; set; } Configures external documentation.
IncludeObsolete { get; set; } If true, generates documentation for obsolete types and members. (Default false.)
IsDryRun { get; set; } If true, executes without making changes to the file system.
IsQuiet { get; set; } If true, suppresses normal console output.
NewLine { get; set; } Indicates the newline used in the output.
RootNamespace { get; set; } The root namespace of the input assembly.
ShouldClean { get; set; } If true, deletes previously generated files that are no longer used.
SourceCodePath { get; set; } The URL of the folder containing the source code of the assembly, e.g. at GitHub.
VisibilityLevel { get; set; } The minimum visibility for documented types and members.

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